USGlove Company

     Founded in 1878 as a men's fashion glove manufacturer in Gloversville, N.Y., The USGlove Company  has always been a family business. The company evolved through the 1900s into a leader in sports glove development:
The first U.S. golf glove developed early in the century from lightweight mocha suede men's formal gloves.
The first commercially viable golf glove patent (the classic half-finger "Shorty") in the 1930s.
The revolutionary "Aviator" precurved glove patent.
The first machine washable/dryable leather, now widely used in many types of sports gloves.  

     USGlove Company's leather division established a raw skin collection network in Africa decades ago and benefits today from the continued reliable selection of Ethiopian cabrettas specifically chosen to be the lightest weight prime grade skins. These raw skins are imported into Gloversville, N.Y. (the 200 year old home of the U.S. glove leather tanning industry), and processed by advanced technology into the highest performance golf glove leathers available.  

     USGlove Company's leather division's latest development, BIOTAN, is used exclusively throughout the USGlove Company's line. Its outstanding qualities are:

  Processed without the use of caustic, environmentally harmful chemicals. Every step of the process is monitored and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency so that the leather processing is harmless to the tannery workers and to the glove's users, and does not create a hazard when finally disposed of. This contrasts with many foreign tanneries, which use chemicals that are banned here, such as formaldehyde and carcinogenic dyes.
Another advantage of the BIOTAN process is the safe machine washability and dryability of USGlove Company's golf gloves.
BIOTAN is completely waterproof, yet wicks away moisture through its complex fiber structure.

    The finished BIOTAN leather is then processed by satellite factories into the finest quality and value priced golf gloves on the market. Being a vertically operating golf glove manufacturer, added costs other suppliers incur are eliminated.

    USGlove Company is the high quality, low cost leader in the field.

NOTE: Please do not confuse the USGlove Company with companies with the same or similar name. All products from the USGlove Company will have the USG logo on the wrist strap of each glove.